How to print from the 3rd Floor Emory Bios Printer

This guide explains how to print files from the Emory Bios printer on the third floor of GCR.

The process will be:

  1. Move files to H-drive on personal computer.

  2. Open files from H-drive on shared Bios computer in computer lab.

  3. Print files from shared Bios computers with Bios printer.

Connect to H-Drive

Here is information for connecting to all drive(s):

First make sure you are connected to secure Emory WiFi (EmoryUnplugged)

The network drive mappings for a Windows computer are as follows:

For H: \\\rsphhome-ts\"YOUR NET-ID"

For S: \\\rsphdata

For P: \\\rsphcs

For T: \\\researchdata-ts

For R: \\\rsphprojects-ts

For L: \\\apps

The network drive mappings for an Apple computer are as follows:

H - smb://"YOUR NET-ID"

S - smb://

P - smb://

T - smb://

R - smb://

L - smb://

You may or may not have access to the researchdata-ts drive.

If prompted for a username, it will be: EMORYUNIVAD\"YOUR NET-ID" The password will be your standard Emory password.

Print from shared computer

  1. Login to shared computer with netid and password.

  2. Open H-drive (located in This PC in file explorer)

  3. Open files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

  4. ctrl + p

  5. Change printer to GCRcopy3a

  6. Select Properties > Basic > User Code Settings

  7. Enter 3655 for B&W or 3511 for color

  8. Select Apply and then OK

  9. Select Print and wait for printing noises.